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Self-empowerment programs for widows

HEART for Widows is introducing and establishing self-empowerment programs for widows.

Improving the lives of the widows

It was founded with the aims of improving the lives of the widows across the nations and offering them a better place in the societies, because Widows are a large part of the female population worldwide, most especially in developing countries.

Not only this, but many widows and their children are even homeless and living on the streets. Because of that we can see, widows often suffer with just a meal per day or without any at all. Furthermore, many widows are jobless and destitute.

Voice for the widows

Seeing this, being a voice for the widows is our main objective. We aim not only to raise awareness of this situation, but also network with other governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Self-empowerment programs for widows

In addition the Foundation was established to serve as instrument of self empowerment programs for the vulnerable widows.

Because of that we establish groups of widows who work together and sell their products at the local markets. This is important, as it gives many widows the needed social umbrella and strength to sustain. Therefore, widows gain hope and self-confidence.

Message of hope

First of all, this message of hope, confidence, better lives and self-empowerment was introduced to groups of widows in different countries.

Not only in Africa, like Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Seychelles, but besides them also in Asia - India and Nepal as part of our awareness program. The positive feedback was stunning, because people immediately started working according to the introduced scheme of self-empowerment.

Setting up of Self-empowerment programs

Consequently, the foundation has set as it goals to guide in setting up of Self-empowerment programs for widows in the countries of interest. Because of that it is important for us to work with volunteers on ground, wherever we start.

Besides that we are making use of existing environments and institutions, and most importantly this is helping us not only to save expenses, but as a result also creating responsibility in our local leaders.

Meeting with a group of widows in Rwanda, discussing the establishment of self-empowerment programs for widows