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HEART for Widows International – Self-empowerment programs for widows

Emergency aid Ukraine

Many widows and single mothers with their children have already fled Ukraine or are displaced within Ukraine. Widows are now in urgent need of shelter, blankets, food and drinking water. Please support the life-saving emergency aid with your donation.

HEART for Widows is a 501(c)(3) non governmental organization and is acknowledged for tax exemption by the IRS in the USA.

Widows are leaving Ukraine, out of fear and hopelessness to find a place where they feel safe. We help them to find shelter, and as well give them all kinds of support to settle in, finding ways through all the bureaucracy in the new countries and issues related to settlement. Our groups of widows are helping one another with the support of helpers, as it is easier to fight such battles as a group than standing all alone in despairs. Help us to reach many and make a difference.

Let’s stand together.