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8th December, 2019 - India

Holding a ' Christmas Party' for the widows in India by the national executives.

6th December, 2019 - Kenya

Weaving of beautiful local baskets began by the widows group
in Nairobi, Kenya.

1st December, 2019 - Germany

Heart for Widows (Germany Chapter) opened a new shop in Sarstedt, Germany for the selling and marketing of widows' products from Africa, Asia and Europe.

28th November, 2019 - Nigeria

Our widows group with the national executives celebrated the 2nd year anniversary of the organization in Nigeria.

24th November, 2019 - Tanzania

Opening of our new office in Iringa, Tanzania.

16th November, 2019 - Bulgaria

' National Widows Conference' held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria to promote and support the widows socially, materially and spiritually.

31th October, 2019 - Germany

HEART for Widows HERZ für Witwen e.V. started working in Germany.

27th October, 2019 - Kenya

A group of widows held meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, to share ideas on how they could improve their lives via self empowerment.

26th October, 2019 - Germany

The Heart for Widows ( Germany Chapter) took part in a ' Flea Market ' held in Sarstedt.

13th October, 2019 - India

Our widows in India embarked on more production of head and neck scarfs for both local and international markets.

10th October, 2019 - Tanzania

The widows group in Tanzania began with a new idea of helping one another with a little loan of money to embark on a small scale businesses.

30th September, 2019 - Germany

Receiving a new collection of beautiful winter materials from
Bulgaria, at our office in Germany.

13th September, 2019 - India

A new group of widows in Mumbai, India, have joined others
to start learning how to produce plastic wire bags.

31st August, 2019 - Rwanda

We received a donation of knitting and sewing machines from
the Ex- Vice Mayor of Southern Province of Rwanda, following
the widows' participation in ' RWANDA EXPO ' of 2018.

23rd August, 2019 - Bulgaria

Receiving the good news that we are officially recognized and registered by the government of Bulgaria for a full fledged operation in the country.

21st August, 2019 - Tanzania

Our organization is officially certified, and recognized by
the government of Tanzania for a full fledged operation.

12th August, 2019 - Rwanda

Official opening of our new office in Rwanda, in a grand style
with colorful cake for celebration.

4th August, 2019 - Rwanda

Rwandan widows embarked on the production of 'Curtains'
with banana leaves.

29th July, 2019 - India

More ideas and new innovations springing up among one of the widows groups in India, as they planning to embark on
production neck and head scarfs.

13th July, 2019 - Bulgaria

A general meeting of women in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, with our
widows participating to exhibit their nice knitting materials.

1st July, 2019 - Nigeria

Receiving good news of more dedication and commitment on
furtherance production of locally made handbags by the widows in Akure, Nigeria.

19th June, 2019 - Rwanda

The organization signed a contract agreement on acquiring a
befitting guest house for interested individuals wishing to visit our training centers in Rwanda.

1st Mai, 2019 - Kenya

The board of directors of Heart for Widows were in Kitale, Kenya meeting with the widows' group and team members for discussions on how to create and sustain a better lives for the widows.

30th April, 2019 - Tanzania

Our regional representative visiting the widows and team in Iringa, Tanzania, for the second time.

29th April, 2019 - Rwanda

Visiting the widows' group at Western Province of Rwanda with the national executives and leaders of the organization.

26th April, 2019 - Rwanda

The leaders of Heart for Widows meeting with the national executives and widows' groups in Busanza, and as well visiting the training center at Model Village in Masaka, Rwanda.

18th April, 2019 - Mozambique

We arrived in Mozambique with the sole aims of supporting the victims that were terribly affected by the flood disaster that struck certain parts of the country. And for three days our team visited the town of Cuamba, and three other villages for humanitarian assistance.

16th April, 2019 - Kenya

The leaders of Heart for Widows meeting with friends and team members of the organization in Nairobi, Kenya.

7th April, 2019 - Germany

We sent out the first student on internship program from Germany to our training center in Nigeria. This is specifically made available to people who are keen to know certain developments going on at different training centers in Africa, Asia and Europe.

5th April, 2019 - Germany

The board of directors and leaders of Heart for Widows globally get set for their trips to eastern and southern countries of Africa.

1st April, 2019 - Rwanda

A training program focused on the importance of teamwork in development for the individuals, families and community was held in Kanombe, Rwanda. A total number of 40 widows were on attendance.

25th March, 2019 - Bulgaria

The group of widows in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, met today for an important gathering, and thereby presented their newly made summer hats collection in creating more awareness.

22nd March, 2019 - Germany

Receiving the terrible news of disaster that struck parts of Mozambique, the leaders and management of Heart for Widows globally send their heart warming condolences to the government and people of Mozambique.

23rd February, 2019 - Rwanda

A FOUR POINTS Meeting Agenda held on this day in Rwanda. It was a general meeting comprised of the national executives of Stichting Heart for Widows ( Rwanda), and the widows' group to discuss on the project of charcoal production and its importance to the society at large.

14th February, 2019 - Bulgaria

'Making of Sun Hats' - the widows in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, began
the production of hats. These are new collections valuable for marketing both locally and internationally.

10th February, 2019 - Rwanda

Production of briquettes in Rwanda commenced.
It is a new project initiated by the group of widows
with the support of the country's Director.

10th January, 2019 - Lesotho

The team members and representative in Lesotho kickstart the widows’ work in the country by visiting some widows in a community with gifts presentation.

31st December, 2018 - Germany

At the end of the year, 2018, Stichting HEART for Widows signed a contract with the shop KREATIVFACH in the city of Berlin to be reselling the widows’ products from Africa, Asia and Europe.

19th December, 2018 - Rwanda

The widows’ group in Rwanda would be participating in another EXPO organized by the government between 19th-23rd December, 2018, in Kigali.

14th December, 2018 - Germany

Another delivery of the widows’ products from Chennai, India, landed today at the front of our office in Berlin, Germany.

4th December, 2018 - Rwanda

The widows’ group of Stichting HEART for Widows in Rwanda attended a 5-day EXPO’ in Kigali, to exhibit their products before the Prime Minister, Ministers, Mayors, Commissioners and other dignitaries.

28th November, 2018 - Nigeria

Ongoing production of massive and beautiful locally handmade bags by the widows’ group in Akure, Nigeria.

14th November, 2018 - Germany

The administrative office in Berlin, Germany, received a delivery of the widows’ products in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

15th October, 2018 - Nigeria

The Stichting HEART for Widows donated a second sewing machine to our training centre in Akure, Nigeria. Thank you all for your generous support.

10th October, 2018 - Rwanda

A senior officer from the Rwanda Government for Rural Development paid a courtesy visit to the widows training centre in Kigali, to discuss how widows could have access to funds through team work.

4th October, 2018 - Nigeria

The widows’ group at our training centre in Nigeria, began the production of locally handmade bags with their sewing machine, and their counterparts in Rwanda started producing pearls with paper materials.

24th September, 2018 - USA

Visiting our cooperate office at 28205, Mountain Meadow Drive, in Escondido, California and meeting with our US Representative and Book Keeping Officer for US.

13th September, 2018 - USA

The leaders of HEART for Widows meeting with the other representatives of the organization in the United States, to discuss about the progress of the project in Africa, Asia and Europe. Also, discussing about the effective ways to help the project progressing in America.

11th September, 2018 - Nigeria

A talented widow at the training centre in Nigeria, with a unique experience in leather bags making volunteered to be training other widows on production of the locally handmade bags.

5th September, 2018 - Rwanda

Ongoing production of more traditional baskets and mats by the widows at their training centre in Masaka, Rwanda.

9th August, 2018 - Nigeria

The Stichting HEART for Widows, Netherlands, donated a sewing machine and energy generator to our training center in Akure, Nigeria.

23rd July, 2018 - Nigeria

Medical Personnel visited the training centre of the widows in Akure, Nigeria, to offer them free medical services.

19th July, 2018 - Germany

HEART for Widows taking part in the ‘TEGELER HAFENFEST’ holding in Berlin, Germany, to showcasing the locally made products of the widows from Nigeria (Africa) and Bulgaria (Europe).

9th July, 2018 - Bulgaria

Following the awareness program held by our team members in Bulgaria, the widows in Plovdiv began knitting works.

3rd July, 2018 - India

The widows in India received humanitarian supports from ‘The Candles’, a non-governmental organization.

2nd July, 2018 - India

The widows’ group in Chennai, India, started the production of wire bags meant for both local and international markets.

26th June, 2018 - Rwanda

The implementation of farming projects such as seedlings, growing of vegetables and animals rearing began in Rwanda by the widows to promote self-sustenance system.

15th May, 2018 - Rwanda, Nigeria

Widows’ in Rwanda and Nigeria, continued to be producing locally handmade goods at their various training centres. All working towards attaining self-dependency.

6th May, 2018 - Uganda

Our Rwanda Director, Leopold Kayobotsi, was at Mbarara, in Uganda, meeting with some representatives and widows’ group.

29th April, 2018 - Bulgaria

For the registration process in Bulgaria, a meeting was held with a Lawyer, who gave necessary information and as well volunteered to be part of the project in Bulgaria.

26th April, 2018 - Bulgaria

The widows’ products from Akure, Nigeria, were taken to ‘Komihris Analytical Centre’ in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which operates after ISO/IEC 17025:2006 General Requirements for the competence of testing and calibration.

25th April, 2018 - Bulgaria

The first meeting with the widows in Bulgaria, started in Plovdiv. Some widows and leaders were on attendance. They were all made to understand that through creativeness, ideas and skillfulness they could empower themselves, and freed of financial burdens and constraints.

23rd April, 2018 - Bulgaria

The team of HEART for Widows, from Berlin, Germany embarked on a trip to Bulgaria for the widows’ work. The trip is specifically targeted to meet the widows’ group in the country, and how to help in improving their living standards. Also, to have a laboratory test of the local cosmetics of Shea Butter made by the widows in Nigeria, Africa.

April, 2018 - Rwanda

Three training centers had a wonderful seminar at Model village training center (One of Stichting HEART for Widows' training centers in RWANDA). It was very wonderful. The theme of the seminar was CARING AND EDUCATING OUR ORPHANS AS OUR FUTURE DIGNITY.

20th April, 2018 - Rwanda

The widows in the western part of Rwanda began the production of locally household bags as part of their SELF EMPOWERMENT programs at their training center. The bags are made from leather, clothes and beads.

18th April, 2018 - Germany

The administrative office in Berlin, Germany, received some products shipped from Nigeria. The shipped parcel consists of locally made goods by the widows from this African region. The goods are Adire clothes, local cosmetics and beads

12th April, 2018 - Burundi

Bishop Leopold Kayobotsi, Rwanda Director for HEART for Widows embarked on a 5 day visit to Burundi to meet some widows. He met with some representatives in Burundi to discuss about the plights of the widows in the country, and the ways out.

6th April, 2018 - Rwanda

Towards the end of March, 2018, a group of widows in Rwanda started a self development fund. Each widow is expected to contribute the sum of 300 Randan Francs Equivalent to 30 Cents. From this money, a total of 200 Rwandan Francs is collected from everyone. This would be given to a widow among them with the hope to solve an actually most burning financial issue. The remaining 100 Rwandan Francs would be kept for savings in the group account.

3rd April, 2018 - Tanzania

Leopold Kayobotsi, Director of HEART for Widows in Rwanda began a trip to TANZANIA for the widows work. He would be meeting with our representatives in Dodoma and Iringa.

30th March, 2018 - Nigeria

The widows started making liquid soaps in Akure, Nigeria, with the hope of selling them at the local markets to get at least little cents in their purses to put food on the table for their children.

17th March, 2018 - India

An excerpt about the widows in India ranging around 46 million, which outnumbered 44 million widows in China. The widows in India are living a deplorable lives with many of them homeless, frustated, discriminated and de-sexed

3rd March,2018 - Nigeria

The widows in Akure, Nigeria, exhibiting an art of self reliance at their training center with the making of 'adire clothes' (Tie & dye making)

22th February, 2018 - Rwanda

New training program started in Rwanda. Widows using banana leaves to make curtains. They're using available materials to make locally goods which are sellable at the local markets.

15th of February, 2018 - Rwanda

Meeting with new widows in program, in collaboration with local government leaders

In collaboration with local government leaders in Ayabaraya Cell, Masaka Sector, Kicukiro District, Kigali City in Rwanda, a meeting with more than 100 widows was held. All interested people and team members of Stichting HEART for WIDOWS-Rwanda, were on attendance. The meeting started at 3.00 pm and closed at 6.00pm. The meeting was chaired by Country Director of Stichting HEART for WIDOWS in Rwanda (Bishop Leopold Kayobotsi) after being welcomed by Executive Secretary of Ayabaraya cell. Other leaders who were present are District Agent security officer, cell security commander and Social, Economic and Development Officer of the cell and different others.

2nd of February, 2018 - USA

Starting the work in USA. The organization HEART for Widows is now officially registered in the State Washington.

31th of January, 2018 - Nigeria

Starting from December, 15 widows began training at our center in Akure, Nigeria. Each week more widows were applying for the program. Meanwhile about 30 widows were coming regularly and which led to buying more chairs in addition to the ones on ground.

They attended training for making beads, different kinds of cosmetics and traditional attires.

The widows learn how to become a community, and how to help one another other...

31th of December, 2017 - Rwanda

In September about 100 widows started their training in Kigali, Rwanda.

They learnt how to work together, support one another and to produce beads.

78 widows stayed, and have formed two strong groups and meet on a regular basis with a heartily support for one another.

22nd of December, 2017 - Netherlands / India

On the 22nd of December, 2017, all donations collected for the building of 'home for Widows' in India, was handed over to 'Stichting HEART for Widows', Netherlands, for the commencement of the project. Therefore, taken all rights and responsibilities from the former handler; 'Freundeskreis Haus Mizpa'.

We really appreciated 'Freundeskreis Haus Mizpa' for their good support and cooperation in giving the project a temporary home until the establishment of 'Stichting Heart for Widows', Netherlands.

2nd of November, 2017 - Nigeria

On the 2nd of November 2017, the office in Akure, Nigeria was officially opened. Trainers of the widows as well started training and educating the widows in different practical areas….

31st of October, 2017 - Netherlands

In Europe, the NGO with the name ‘Stichting Heart for Widows’ with Seat in Amsterdam, Netherlands was founded on the 31st of October 2017. The ‘Stichting Heart for Widows’ in Netherlands will serve as the headquarters of the 'Heart for Widows' Initiative.

7th of September, 2017 - Nigeria

The first registration of the ‘Heart for Widows’ Initiative in Africa took place in Nigeria with the name ‘Heart Care for Widows Welfare Initiative’ with seat in Akure, on the 7th of September 2017.

End of July, 2017 - Seychelles

Awareness program in Seychelles

May, 2017 - Germany

Back in Europe, on May 2017, the work started to change the Initiative ‘Heart for Widows’ into a proper registered own organization with the focus of helping widows and restoring hope cum confidence in them around the globe.

Mid of May, 2017 - Nigeria

Groundwork in Nigeria..

End of April, 2017 - India

Awareness program in India.

Mid of April, 2017 - Uganda

Conference in Uganda

Mid of March, 2017 - India, Nepal

Awareness program in India and Nepal...

Mid of February, 2017 - Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya

In February 2017, the Founder of the ‘Heart for widows’ Initiative started an awareness tour to Africa – Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya to see the situations of the widows in these countries. The tour, which was specifically planned for awareness became a great success. In each of the visited countries, the widows were full of joy and hope. The people got touched and pricked to the hearts following the message of hope and better lives for the widows, and committed themselves to work for the initiative.

11th of February, 2017 - Germany, India

In February 2017, the Indian chapter of the ‘Heart for widows’ Initiative got officially opened from the Founder of the work in Tecklenburg, Germany during a benefice event.

October, 2016 - India

In October 2016, the official opening of the well in Kavali, India took place through the Founder. Future planning of building the home for widows on this land got stopped, but the well continued serving as source of water supply to the needy.

May, 2016 - India

A land next to an orphanage in Kavali was fenced with a wall.

With donations, a well was dug during the summer 2016, as a great drought was in India, and many widows were in need of water.

April, 2016 - India

The HEART for Widows Initiative started in April 2016 in India with the attempt to build a home for widows in the Kavali district, Nellore, as there was a group of widows in need. The German NGO ‘Freundeskreis Haus Mizpa’ with seat in Sibbesse served as a home for the Initiative and gave the Founder the needed legal umbrella. The collection of donations started with the distribution of advertising material, newspaper articles and local announcements.