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The German, Britt Schulze-Adesida is the Founder and Initiator of HEART for Widows.

Britt's passion for the widows project began few years ago on her visits to India, where she saw the unbearable and ugly conditions of the widows who are homeless, anguish and living in destitute.

This led to start the 'Home for Widows' project in India. Focusing on building the home brought a view of the situations of the widows beyond India. The question raised, "How the situations of these women in Africa or other continents might be?"

To have more insight in the situations of the widows, an awareness program in Africa got started. Many communities were visited, leaders and responsible persons involved, several widows visited at home. This actually made it cleared, that the number of widows in need is very high and the need for external donations to help with daily food and financial assistance would never be sufficient.

Based on that, the idea of self-empowerment programs was introduced. Following concrete discussions was established. The very helps needed by the widows cannot come from outside, but through mobilization and self-empowerment - a significant change for a better lives.

The Nigerian born, Adetayo Adesida, is the Managing Director of Heart Care for Widows Welfare Initiative in Nigeria. Through his background and long years of experience as an Academics in African History and Politics virtually knows a lot about the people´s culture and development in many African countries. He is also well aware about the local specifications.

He has been serving for years as a traveling missionary and knows the hardship, plight, loneliness and pains experienced by the neglected widows very well.

Leopold Kayobotsi, an Educationist and presiding Bishop at Holy Gate Church is the Director of Stichting Heart for Widows Rwanda.

His immense love and passion for helpless widows in his country has actually produced bountiful results beyond reasonable doubts through self empowerment programs introduced by Stichting Heart for Widows. Locally made goods are produced and sold by the widows under his management in Rwanda.

S MOHAN DOSS is the young and dedicated Director of the Stichting HEART for Widows India.

Mohan holds a Diploma in Shipping and Logistics, studied BBA Marketing Management and worked at HYUNDAI GLOVIS INDIA PVT logistics for 6 years.

Now he is working as a full time YOUTH PASTOR in Chennai, India. He is a gifted worship leader and song writer. He also serves as Associate Pastor at Holy Christian Missionary Diocese of INDIA.

Adesida M. Idowu, an accountant and a pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God is the Director of the Heart Care for Widows Welfare Initiative in Nigeria. He has a passion for the vulnerable widows in his area, and Nigeria at large. We believe, with his work and dedication we shall attain an immense and a tremendous change via the self empowerment program for the widows in Nigeria.

Mike is running an office in the city of Akure, in Nigeria and leading the widows training center of the 'Heart Care for Widows Welfare Initiative'.

Jackson Mwasibila is the Director of Stichting HEART for Widows in Tanzania. He held a degree in Accounting Management. Also, a Diploma Certificate in Theology.

Jackson, is presently serving as a local pastor in Tanzania. The love and passion he has for the suffering widows across his areas, virtually has made him to get involved in the project. He is voluntarily committed for the betterment of widows' lives in Tanzania.

Deborah Ball is the Director of HEART for Widows in the USA.  She manages our corporate office in Escondido, California.

She is a traveling Christian missionary to major Asian countries. Besides, she is a certified Life Care Giver and Hospice by profession. Deborah’s experiences in diverse humanitarian fields have tremendously contributed and shaped her for humanity supports, including to be caring for the old people and administering hope to people towards the end of life.

Soleya Dagnon, an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University Paisii Hilendarski in Plovdiv. She is the Director of Stichting HEART for Widows, Bulgaria.

Soleya humbly offered herself in getting the work started in Bulgaria. With enormous cum vigorous persistence and dedication, she is putting one stone above the others for the success of the project in Bulgaria. To be candid, it is vividly seeing how the work is flourishing and growing under her leadership in the country.