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More information about Bulgaria

The widows in Bulgaria live pitifully. They are unable to buy the bare essentials for their livelihood and they often cannot bear the cost of heating during the winter. The government provides money, but that is not enough to cope with everyday challenges. Some widows in Bulgaria meet regularly. While they meet, they knit and crochet scarves, hats, summer hats, small figures and other things, since many older women are very good at this.

Here are a few examples of her handicrafts, some of which we already have in our shop in Sarstedt, especially all forms of winter and summer hats.

Stichting HEART for Widows - Branch

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Stichting HEART for Widows
Ulitsa Varna 46
4017 Plovdiv

UIC/PIC: 205797057


Vania Terzieva
Magazine " Art Чудесия"
4400 Pazardzhik,
Ulitsa Yakov Matakiev 16