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Better Lives for Widows

Among the paramount aims and objectives of HEART for Widows International both locally and internationally, is to seeing to the welfare of the neglected and helpless widows alongside their children, who mostly roaming about in the streets. Therefore, the organization takes it as a great necessity in trying every best possible means to make the widows acquiring same qualities of economic and social status like other women, and men in the societies.
The organization has virtually succeeded in carrying out specific projects at one end and others to better the lives of the vulnerable widows and their communities at large. A good examples:

-  Provision of welfare services

The socio-economic well being of every neglected and poor widow is our major concerns. The fact remains that many widows are little or less given attention with the necessary supports needed, mostly in developing countries compared to developed countries by the governments. Many widows that are jobless and living with health issues usually left alone to combat with the challenges.

The awareness programs of "Hope restoration, Better lives and Self reliance" for the widows carried out by the founder and team members of the organization to specific Asian and African countries truly shed more lights to the agonies of widows.

In the course of the tours, particularly to India, Nigeria, Nepal, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya materials such as rice, soaps, sarees (Indian clothes) were given to the widows in putting smiles on their faces.

Again, following a severe drought around May 2016, at Nellore in Kavali District, India, which terribly affected the inhabitants of the community, and most especially the needy widows at large because the people of the area majorly depend on regular water provision, which was not sufficient for people's consumption. And culminated from that, HEART for Widows together with team members in Kavali agreed to dig a well for the inhabitants of the area based on the very urgent need put forward by the widows.

- Building of home for the widows

To have a befitting home built for the homeless widows is one of the projects of our organization. The data and analysis gathered across the nations clearly shown that many widows are homeless, especially in developing countries of Asia and Africa. In India, for example, majority of the widows are basically poor and to have a home stay is a big problem. Many are living on the streets, while many others at slums and dilapidated houses. However, since it is our top priority and concern in building a home for the widows, particularly in India, necessary efforts have been put in place in fulfilling that.

Donations were received from the heartfelt and goodwill individuals to build a befitting home for the homeless and poor widows. It is a great task that needs more helps and supports.

- Communities of widows

To reduce the menace of loneliness, emotional turbulence, heart pains, insecurities and other challenges usually faced by the widows, both in developing and developed countries, the organization established a program called "Communities of Widows". This comprises an avenue whereby the widows have to meet once or twice in a week depending on their locations and coordinators, who are mostly women. They meet to talk, share ideas and discuss how they could help one another of becoming self dependent and getting rid of diverse challenges by engaging themselves in learning one skillful activity or others. This actually working for the widows in developed countries.

- Self empowerment programs

The goals and objectives of HEART for Widows International for the hopeless and vulnerable widows across the nations, cities, towns and communities is centered around Self empowerment programs. The project vastly thriving successfully across Eastern and Western African countries of Nigeria and Rwanda, most importantly.

The widows are grouped in twenties, thirties and forties at maximum. They are assigned with women coordinators who take a regular attendance of them with a vivid and valid identifications.

Each group is marked for a specific assignments to be done through their trainers who worked as volunteers in most cases. Among the things learnt by the widows include; beads making, baskets weaving, bags making, production of local cheese butter, tie and dye and so forth.

The program has tremendously yielded an affirmative results in the aforementioned countries because most of the things produced by these widows are sold at their respective local markets.

HEART for Widows International helps to launch these programs and groups, to find and guide appropriate coordinators and volunteers, and to promote regular implementation.