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About the work in India

The work is led by a team in Chennai. The first widow group started in a slum. There they learn how to make bags out of colored wires. Other groups have since been founded in the center of Chennai and in northern India.

An organization in Calcutta recently gave us a solar dryer. This dryer can be used to dry fruits such as mangoes and sell them to local markets by widows. We are still looking for a suitable place for the dryer.

Our main goal is to strengthen these groups and create an environment in which they can meet and work regularly.

As a long-term goal, we want to build a home for widows in India. This should be a place to stay for the suffering and homeless widows. In this house these women could live together, help each other, support, motivate and work together. This project has not yet started because the necessary funds are lacking.

Tamilnadu, India
Email: india@heart-for-widows.org