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Our shop in Sarstedt

Shop in Sarstedt

Our first shop, supported by the association "HEART for Widows HERZ für Witwen e.V." was opened in Sarstedt on December 1, 2019.

The business is run on a voluntary basis by the association. Here we sell the products of widows from BULGARIA, RWANDA, NIGERIA, KENYA and INDIA.

HEART for Widows HERZ für Witwen e.V.
Holztorstrasse 62
31157 Sarstedt / GERMANY

Opening times:
Monday: 3-6 pm
Tuesday: 3-6 pm
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 3-6 pm
Friday: 3-6 pm
Saturday: closed

More information about the work in Germany

The headquarters of HEART for Widows is located in Sarstedt. Here we keep in touch with our partners in Europe, Africa and Asia via video conferences, emails and phone calls. All day-to-day business of the organization is coordinated and organized from here. This also includes the creation and translation of the information material (leaflets, letters, visit cards) in various languages.

Our website www.heart-for-widows.org is maintained from here, as is our Facebook account facebook.com/HeartforWidows, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Xing and LinkedIN (@heartforwidows). Preparations for internal and external presentations at conferences, in schools or the like are also planned from here and carried out by their representatives.

HEART for Widows HERZ für Witwen e.V.
Hottelner Str. 8
31157 Sarstedt
Tel.: +49 5066 6996554
Email: germany@heart-for-widows.org

Vereinsregister- Nummer: Amtsgericht Hildesheim, Vereinsregister 201405
* The association is recognized as a non-profit organization