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More information about the work in Rwanda

In Rwanda, the training for widows began in September 2017. The widows acquire knowledge and skills in the manufacture of pearls from paper. They also produce baskets from colored natural materials.

On February 23, 2018, the government of the country provided us with a building in the Masaka Model Village, which we use as a training center. Widows and poor people live in Masaka, mostly victims of the genocide some years ago.

A group of around 20-30 widows meet here regularly. They are getting trained to make paper pearls and curtains from banana leaves.

In addition, this group started with a so-called 'contribution model'. The widows collect money 1-2 times a week. This amount is partially (2/3) given to a chosen widow of the group for their livelihood and special expenses. A third of that money is saved by the group in order to have a starting point for the manufacture of products.

In addition, the group gradually began to plant small vegetable gardens to improve the care of one beneficiary widow.

In the western province of Rwanda, a community volunteered to work with HEART for Widows and has already founded a group of widows. This group makes bags from crystal beads and other beautiful things.

In Rwanda, Leopold Kayobotsi's is leading the work together with a team of volunteers and trainers, as well as a coordinator for women.

We rented a guest house in May 2019, where guests from Europe or America can visit the work in Rwanda for a few days, but also leaders from other African countries or from Rwanda itself can come together for local meetings.

In June we were also able to rent a small office. This is necessary for the organization in Rwanda in order to be able to conduct its work correctly and to be recognized by the government as an aid organization.

Project production of charcoal from natural materials

Office and guest house:

Stichting HEART for Widows
Bishop Leopold Kayobotsi
Paris Business Center
Masaka Sector
Kicukiro District, Kigali city
Republic of RWANDA
Office: +250 783 280 453

Trainings center Naome cooperative
Bishop Leopold Kayobotsi
IDP Model village Ayabaraya
Ayabaraya cell
Masaka Sector
Kicukiro District, Kigali City
Republic of RWANDA