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15th of February, 2018 - Rwanda

Meeting with new widows in program, in collaboration with local government leaders

In collaboration with local government leaders in Ayabaraya Cell, Masaka Sector, Kicukiro District, Kigali City in Rwanda, a meeting with more than 100 widows was held. All interested people and team members of Stichting HEART for WIDOWS-Rwanda, were on attendance. The meeting started at 3.00 pm and closed at 6.00pm. The meeting was chaired by Country Director of Stichting HEART for WIDOWS in Rwanda (Bishop Leopold Kayobotsi) after being welcomed by Executive Secretary of Ayabaraya cell. Other leaders who were present are District Agent security officer, cell security commander and Social, Economic and Development Officer of the cell and different others.

31th of January, 2018 - Nigeria

Starting from December, 15 widows began training at our center in Akure, Nigeria. Each week more widows were applying for the program. Meanwhile about 30 widows were coming regularly and which led to buying more chairs in addition to the ones on ground.

They attended training for making beads, different kinds of cosmetics and traditional attires.

The widows learn how to become a community, and how to help one another other...

31th of December, 2017 - Rwanda

In September about 100 widows started their training in Kigali, Rwanda.

They learnt how to work together, support one another and to produce beads.

78 widows stayed, and have formed two strong groups and meet on a regular basis with a heartily support for one another.

22nd of December, 2017 - Netherlands / India

On the 22nd of December, 2017, all donations collected for the building of 'home for Widows' in India, was handed over to 'Stichting HEART for Widows', Netherlands, for the commencement of the project. Therefore, taken all rights and responsibilities from the former handler; 'Freundeskreis Haus Mizpa'.

We really appreciated 'Freundeskreis Haus Mizpa' for their good support and cooperation in giving the project a temporary home until the establishment of 'Stichting Heart for Widows', Netherlands.

2nd of November, 2017 - Nigeria

On the 2nd of November 2017, the office in Akure, Nigeria was officially opened. Trainers of the widows as well started training and educating the widows in different practical areas….

1st of November, 2017 - Netherlands

In Europe, the NGO with the name ‘Stichting Heart for Widows’ with Seat in Amsterdam, Netherlands was founded on the 1st of November 2017. The ‘Stichting Heart for Widows’ in Netherlands will serve as the headquarters of the 'Heart for Widows' Initiative.

The ‘Stichting Heart for Widows’ will also take over the ‘Home for widows’ project in India and utilize the given donations.

All donations collected to build the ‘Home for widows’ in India are still intact until the final place of the home for the widows in India is found and legally registered with a notary, on the name of the ‘Stichting Heart for Widows’.

7th of September, 2017 - Nigeria

The first registration of the ‘Heart for Widows’ Initiative in Africa took place in Nigeria with the name ‘Heart Care for Widows Welfare Initiative’ with seat in Akure, on the 7th of September 2017.

End of July, 2017 - Seychelles

Awareness program in Seychelles

May, 2017 - Germany

Back in Europe, on May 2017, the work started to change the Initiative ‘Heart for Widows’ into a proper registered own organization with the focus of helping widows and restoring hope cum confidence in them around the globe.

Mid of May, 2017 - Nigeria

Groundwork in Nigeria..

End of April, 2017 - India

Awareness program in India.

The Indian partner who got a land from Mary left the work, and kept the ownership over the land in Gudivada, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

Mid of April, 2017 - Uganda

Conference in Uganda

Mid of March, 2017 - India, Nepal

Awareness program in India and Nepal...

Mid of February, 2017 - Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya

In February 2017, the Founder of the ‘Heart for widows’ Initiative started an awareness tour to Africa – Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya to see the situations of the widows in these countries. The tour, which was specifically planned for awareness became a great success. In each of the visited countries, the widows were full of joy and hope. The people got touched and pricked to the hearts following the message of hope and better lives for the widows, and committed themselves to work for the initiative.

11th of February, 2017 - Germany, India

In February 2017, the Indian chapter of the ‘Heart for widows’ Initiative got officially opened from the Founder of the work in Tecklenburg, Germany during a benefice event.

November 2016 - India

In November 2016, a land from an Indian widow, Mary living in Hyderabad, was said to be given to the ‘Heart for Widows’ Initiative by an Indian partner.

According to him, the land was located in Gudivada, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

October, 2016 - India

In October 2016, the official opening of the land in Kavali, India took place through the Founder. Future planning of building the home for widows on this land got stopped, but the well dug with donations continued serving as source of water supply to the needy.

May, 2016 - India

A land next to an orphanage in Kavali was bought from the Founder and fenced with a wall.

With donations, a well was dug during the summer 2016, as a great drought was in India, and many widows were in need of water.

April, 2016 - India

The Initiative started in April 2016 in India with the attempt to build a home for widows in the Kavali district, Nellore, as there was a group of widows in need. The German NGO ‘Freundeskreis Haus Mizpa’ with seat in Sibbesse served as a home for the Initiative and gave the Founder the needed legal umbrella. The collection of donations started with the distribution of advertising material, newspaper articles and local announcements.

February, 2016 - Germany

Commencement of 'Heart for Widows' Initiative